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Babul Hawaij Foundation

731 Midland Ave
Scarborough, Ontario M1K 4E4
Tel: 416-881-7886

Babul Hawaij Imambargha has been established since over 40 years. The building needs to be demolished and rebuilt to accomodate the growing needs of the population and to maintain the infrastructure. The budget for this project is a modest $1 Million. We ask the momineen to support this cause and more importantly preserve this historical landmark of our community. Donations can be made by clicking above on the donate now link and a reciept for tax purposes will automatically be generated and emailed to you. May Allah SWT reward you in this life and the hereafter. Jazak Allah.

Ziyaarat Program

We will be attending Ziyaarat of the holy shrines in Iraq from March 31st to April 12 2017 Inshallah

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Muharram Program (Arbaeen)

Majalis will begin Thursday November 17th at 7:30pm sharp and will continue until Sunday November 20th and will be recited by: Moulana Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi. Arbaeen amaal and Majalis will be a day program and will begin at exactly 12:00 noon time with Namaaz on November 20th and recited by Moulana Syed Rais Jarchavi Sahib.

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Mojza Appears

On the 25th of December (Muharram 8, 1431 2009) the world mourned the shahadat of Imam Hussain and Hazrat-e-Abbas ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib. As usual, we had a majalis at Bab-ul-Hawaij Imambargah (731 Midland), and during the majalis a man saw a figure of Zuljanah (The Imam's Horse) ride out of one of the standards (Alam) and gallop around before going back into the alam. Three days later (Muharram 11), after the Yaum-e-Zainab Majalis, as a woman was doing ziarat of the imambargah, she looked up and noticed that a shabi (figure/face) had appeared on one of the alams. As people came to admire the maujiza (miracle), we noticed that figures had appeared on, not just one, but four of the alams.

For anybody who wants a second glance at the mojza images which might not be clear because of the reflection from the camera lense, Click here...